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Camino Smart Walker


Designed By

Thorben Neu, IDSA and Avery Holleman for Ritual, Duncan Orrell-Jones for Camino, John Duvall for Nectar

Camino is a walker that is aware and active. Its combination of sensors, artificial intelligence, and robotics provides seamless motorized support in steering, acceleration, and braking to protect and support the user. Like a personal guide, Camino will give users an extra boost uphill, help with braking downhill, provide direction on side slopes, and actively steer people away from curbs and other obstacles. It can also narrow in order to get through tight spaces or reduce in height to help users sit down or get up. The sensors create awareness of the surroundings and the user, and the AI identifies situations of danger or difficulty.





A Speaker for Audiophiles …

Designer : Andrew Roberts

With its unique and striking appearance, the 3Eel stands alone as an object that seeks to amalgamate form with function.

The 3Eel is undeniably a product that caters to a particular audience: the audiophiles.

Audiophiles are an exceptional breed of people who are fascinated by pure audio, motivated by sound quality, and addicted to discovering ways to do so.

The 3Eel is a vessel for the pursuit of pure audio.



Tiltbike smart trainer  


Designer : Springtime Design

Springtime worked with Muoverti on the industrial design of their TiltBike. The TiltBike replicates the outdoor riding experience.  The bike can swing from side to side while you’re standing and you can lean to turn a virtual corner. The on-pedal feel is created through electromagnetic resistance and mirrors the physical forces of a real bike, such as gravity, incline and inertia.

The frame is swappable, so you can easily go from a time trial setup to a mountain bike one, and household members can have there own frame with personal settings. TiltBikes are compatible with training apps including Zwift, RGT and Trainer Road. 

MUOV website.

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